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The team at Axiom Dentistry is committed to helping patients achieve beautiful smiles. We know the difference a perfect smile can make, and one way to get there is with a complete smile makeover. Our complete smile makeovers focus on every aspect of a person’s smile, making the changes a patient wants and leave what they already like.

We offer help with teeth whitening, size and shape adjustments, spacing issues and teeth alignment. Many factors are taken into consideration when providing a complete smile makeover, including a person’s facial appearance, skin tone, gum tissue and lips. By considering these individual factors, we can create a personalized smile improvement plan that will provide the best possible result. Afterward, you will be amazed with your beautiful new smile and very eager to show off your teeth to others.

Tooth Color

White teeth are an essential component of any great smile. Meanwhile, yellowed or darkened teeth can cause a person to appear aged and tired. Because of this, it’s no surprise that millions of people seek out ways of whitening their teeth. Professional teeth whitening and veneers can both be used to adjust tooth color, leaving the patient with a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Alignment and Spacing

An otherwise perfect smile can be ruined by teeth that are uneven or misaligned. Excessive crowding or large gaps can also cause issues and result in an unsightly appearance. These issues can often be fixed using veneers or orthodontic treatments. By fixing alignment and spacing issues that are present, the appearance of your teeth will be greatly improved, and you will be that much closer to achieving the smile of your dreams.

Damaged or Missing Teeth

Teeth that have become lost or damaged can cause any smile to suffer. It’s very difficult to ignore gaps created by missing teeth and teeth that are chipped and cracked. Fortunately, treatment methods such as veneers, composite bonding, crowns, bridges and dentures can be used to fix these problems. With our complete smile makeovers, you can restore the look of your teeth and enjoy all of the benefits of a more pleasing smile.

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Trisha L.

I absolutely love this dental practice. The staff are all really friendly, helpful, and accommodating. It's easy to get in for an appointment as they have multiple providers. You can choose to see one particular dentist or choose to see whoever is available. I see whoever is available and everyone has been wonderful.
Axiom Dentistry Review
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Dana D.

Dr. Malek is amazingly patient with children. My daughter has special needs and we've always received treatment from a pediatric dentist. Well, no more! Dr. Malek was so compassionate and caring and made my daughter feel so comfortable. What a pleasant experience!
Axiom Dentistry Review

Dawn W.

Best dentist ever. Best staff ever. I will never go to anyone else ever again. Dr. Malek and his crew go above and beyond for you and have consistently worked with me over the last 7 years to help me get the care I needed. I could not be more grateful and I know I will be a patient for life!
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