The Basics of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Knightdale, Zebulon, Cary, Clayton, Benson, NCYour nightmare has come true. Whether from damage or extensive decay you have lost a tooth. What ever the reason, you want it replaced. In the past, replacing missing teeth meant partials, bridges, or dentures. All three options can adequately do the job of filling the space left by a missing tooth, however most patients will admit that they never really feel natural. I often hear patients complain that they are not able to eat, speak, or smile as they once did.

In today’s world of modern dentistry there is a better solution to tooth replacement: Dental implants. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or several implants can work together to support a permanently fixed denture. No matter what your need may be dental implants look and feel natural, like your own teeth, allowing you to speak, eat, and smile confidently.

What exactly is a dental implant? Quite simply, it is an artificial tooth made out of titanium that replaces one or more missing teeth.

Here are three parts of a dental implant:

  1.  Post-A titanium screw placed in the jaw that fuses to the bone and acts as the root of   a tooth.
  2. Abutment-A connector piece made from titanium that is placed on the post and connects the ceramic crown to the post.
  3. Custom Crown-This is the final step in the dental implant process. The dental crown is made of high-grade ceramic and created to match the shape and color of your natural  tooth.

The entire process usually takes between 6-12 months to complete:

  1. Implant placement-The titanium screw is placed into the bone. Patients wait  approximately four months for the implant to fuse to the bone.
  2. Abutment placement-The connector is placed so that the custom crown can be   attached.
  3. Crown Placement-The custom ceramic crown is designed and placed.

Dental implants are like your own natural teeth and require normal brushing and flossing as well as regular dental visits to maintain the health of your new smile.

If you are hiding your smile due to a missing tooth we can help. Contact the dental professionals at Axiom Dentistry to discuss permanent replacement options today.

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