Taking The Nagging Out Of Getting Your Kids To Take Care Of Their Teeth

Cary NC Pediatric DentistSunday, May 14th is approaching quickly. Do you know what that day is? If you’re a busy mom juggling carpool, sports and changing diapers, you know that a day to celebrate YOU is quickly approaching. What is it that you want for Mother’s Day this year? A bouquet of flowers? A hand-written card by your little munchkins? How about a free massage? All of those ideas sound absolutely amazing, and we hope you get each of them. However, if you really think about it, what is it most moms really want? Most moms want a day free of fighting and nagging! Have you ever found yourself saying, “I just want peace and quiet in my family for one day?”

We all long for peace, don’t we? Whether it is in relationships, our homes, or at work. Nothing sucks the peace right out of a home like nagging. Nagging is something most moms do, and yet they hate doing it. It seems like a necessary evil in order to get obedience, and to navigate the home ship as smoothly as possible. For Mother’s Day, here are some ways you can possibly take the nagging out of your kids’ dental routines.

  • Create a chart. Instead of constantly checking in and reminding about brushing their teeth, just check the chart. If your child already brushed their teeth, reward the behavior with a sticker or other motivational healthy treat for them. If your child failed to do their dental cleanings for the day, mark that day with an X. Let your child know that two Xs in a week will result in a consequence. With this system, you are empowering your child to be self-motivated. Giving your children clear choices, such as to do their daily dental cleanings, or not, makes them in charge of making poor or good decisions.
  • Work as a team. If your whole family is championing dental health together, you won’t be the only one checking in on how well every member is doing. Everyone will be encouraging each other to do their very best. Set dental goals together and celebrate when those goals are met. Be each family member’s biggest cheerleader!

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