Spring Cleaning-For Your Teeth!

It may not seem like it but Spring is here! With warm weather around the corner, it’s time to throw open the windows and freshen up the house! Polish and clean your teeth too! Enjoy your sunny days with a bright white smile by adding a few of these dental friendly foods to your diet.



  • Cheese- Cheese offers many wonderful and healthy benefits. Cheese contains calcium and proteins which are essential for the development of strong bones and teeth. Calcium also provides a coating for teeth that protects against cavities. If this were not enough to encourage you to add cheese to your spring diet how about the fact that cheese contains alkali which combats acid erosion by neutralizing acid left on teeth by some foods and drinks. Did you know that the most popular cheese in the United States is cheddar?
  • Fresh Fruits- Nothing is more refreshing on a warm spring or summer day than a bowl of fresh fruit. While you are enjoying a juicy red apple keep in mind that fruits like apples, strawberries, and kiwi act as natural “scrubbers” for your teeth removing soft plaque accumulated throughout the day. The next time you need a quick way to freshen up your mouth grab an apple.
  • Fresh Vegetables- Cavities form from colonies of bacterial that accumulates and adheres to plaque on your teeth. These bacteria thrive on sugars and starches. Replacing these snacks with fresh vegetables can actually lower your rate of decay. Vegetables provide vitamin D, iron, and calcium to your diet which strengthens your teeth. Like fresh fruits, vegetables also act as a natural abrasive to help remove plaque throughout your day.
  • Fresh Herbs- Did you know adding a sprig of parsley to a dinner plate was originally started so that guest could enjoy a fresh feeling after eating? Long before toothpaste and mouth wash people used natural herbs to remedy unpleasant bad breath. Alfalfa is particularly helpful. Have you ever seen a farmer nibbling on a piece of hay? Alfalfa is full of chlorophyll that is helpful in hiding odors as well as rich in vitamins and minerals.  Of course we cannot forget mint leaves which provide that clean refreshing feeling we all love.

 What better time to think about visiting your dental office for an oral health Spring cleaning. Start your summer fun off with a healthy check up. Contact Axiom Dentistry today!

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