It’s Cold Outside-Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Tooth Sensitivity Knightdale, Zebulon, Cary, Clayton, Benson, NCRain, rain, and cold go away! Does the dreary weather have you wondering when spring weather will make an appearance? With these cold temperatures are your teeth feeling a winter chill?  One out of every eight people report experiencing tooth sensitivity and winter weather temps can make it feel worse. Can cold weather really cause tooth pain?

Thermal stress is the term used to describe what occurs when an object experiences sudden changes in temperatures. Humans experience many changes in temperatures in our mouth throughout the day. Our front teeth are subjected to temperature differences as much as 120⁰F several times a day and thousands of times a year.

Our teeth have several layers. Dentin is the soft layer of our teeth that is covered by enamel. Dentin expands and contracts as temperatures change. When teeth are exposed to sudden changes in temperature the dentin expands and contracts faster than the enamel causing stress which can result in cracks forming. These cracks may not be visible and do not compromise the structure of the tooth however it can cause uncomfortable sensitivity.

Allergies and sinus problems can also be a culprit. During this time of year it is common for patients to experience sinus pressure and infections. Because of the location of your sinuses, this pain and pressure is often mistaken as tooth pain.

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by a number of other reasons:

  • Clenching and grinding teeth

  • Gum recession

  • Cracked teeth

  • Cavities

  • Weakened enamel

  • Tooth brush trauma

When Should I Visit My Dentist?

If you have experienced sensitivity or pain for more than three days or you see visible gum recession contact our office to schedule an appointment. The professionals at Axiom Dentistry can address cracks and cavities as well as gum recession and provide appliances such as bite guards for grinding and clenching. The warm weather is just around the corner (I promise!) so get your teeth ready to enjoy that next bowl of yummy ice cream!

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