Floss and Live Six Years Longer

Floss and Live Longer Knightdale, Zebulon, Cary, Clayton, Benson, NCFlossing should be an important part of your overall oral health routine.  Unfortunately, brushing alone does not clean in between your teeth.  Plaque is a soft white accumulation of microorganisims that builds up in between brushing each day.  Studies show plaque contains 400 or more different species of bacteria and billions of individual germs.

There are numerous reasons to floss daily.  When plaque is not removed, and it mixes with sugars in the food we eat, the bacteria that lives in plaque begins the process of tooth decay.  Plaque also accumulates around gums and between teeth causing gingivitis, the first stages of gum disease.  Metabolism of bacteria contained in plaque that is left behind after brushing can also be a leading cause of bad breath.

If these reasons are not enough to encourage you to floss daily then how about the fact that flossing could add as much as six years to your life?  Getting rid of bacteria in the mouth keeps your immune system in good shape.  The same bacteria in plaque that can lead to gum disease can also lead to inflammation of your arteries and cause heart disease.

If you are working to improve your overall health Axiom Dentistry recommends adding flossing to your daily routine and have another reason to smile!

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