Are you looking for a long term solution to premature tooth loss? You are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss at some point in their life. With half the population facing this problem, dental professionals are often asked “what is the best long term replacement option for missing teeth”. At Axiom Dentistry, we can restore your smile with one of the most successful dental treatments available today: Dental Implants.

In the past twenty five years, dental implants have become a successful alternative to removable appliances which can be uncomfortable, insecure, and frustrating. This modern technology consists of three components which can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

  • Implant placement– The titanium screw is placed into the bone. Patients wait approximately four months for the implant to fuse to the bone.

  • Abutment placement– An abutment is a connector piece that attaches the implant crown to the titanium screw.

  • Crown placement– After a healing period, a custom made crown is designed and then connected to the titanium screw.

By strategically placing multiple implants patients may have the option to replace multiple teeth with non-removable implant supported dentures or partials. Your dental provider can customize a dental implant option that will fit your personal needs.

Dental implants look, feel, and act as your own natural teeth restoring the confidence that can be lost by missing teeth. Dental implants have a 98% success rate and are designed to last a lifetime with proper care.

What about a dental bridge? Prior to dental implants, bridges were the standard for non-removable tooth replacement. They also felt natural and were long lasting. However, unlike implants they compromised the adjacent healthy teeth. A dental bridge is a false tooth that is supported by two dental crowns that are attached to two healthy teeth. One of the main problems facing the life of a dental bride is the possibility for problems such as decay or fracture to occur in one of the crowned supporting teeth. If this should occur the entire bridge must be sectioned, removed, and replaced. Dental bridges have an average life span of 10-15 years while a dental implant should last 20 years to a lifetime.

Dental implants have become extremely popular choice for patients with dentures or partials. Conventional dentures rest on the gums and often require messy adhesives to prevent shifting or slipping. Implant supported dentures attach to implant posts and are securely held in place. They restore confidence and allow patients to eat and smile naturally and improve quality of life.

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