Cleanings and Checkups

When was the last time you have been to a dentist? Did you know that regular dental checkups and cleanings may be one of your most important preventative dental treatments against major health problems? Regular dental checkups can reveal small issues which, if left untreated, could develop into larger and more expensive problems in the future. Protect your teeth and your oral health with regular dental checkups.

Professional dental cleanings not only leave your teeth looking and feeling healthy and clean, they also prevent gingivitis from compromising the health of your gum tissues. Plaque and tartar buildup can cause a host of problems when left to accumulate. The longer they are left on your teeth, the more your oral health is affected.

The hygienists at Axiom Dentistry thoroughly clean your teeth. They remove all the plaque, tartar and food debris. This helps your teeth feel smooth and clean and keeps your gums in a healthy condition. Any signs of gingivitis can be addressed quickly to avoid gum infection. When discovered early, gum disease is easily reversible.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

We provide comprehensive dental exams at Axiom Dentistry to determine what, if any, issues may be developing that could be problematic in the future. Small areas of decay, nearly invisible to the eye, can lead to dental cavities requiring more extensive treatment if not addressed in the early stages. We also perform oral cancer screenings as part of our comprehensive dental exams. This is a painless exam of the soft tissues in your mouth. Such exams save lives, and they are completed in a matter of minutes. Less than a quarter of the general population have ever had an oral cancer screening, yet thousands of people suffer from this treatable disease annually.

Axiom Dentistry is committed to providing our patients with the best oral care possible, helping to ensure that they avoid dental problems when possible. For a comprehensive dental exam and professional cleaning that leaves your mouth refreshed and healthy, contact Axiom Dentistry today.

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