Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last teeth to erupt are called wisdom teeth. They are given this name, because they come in during adulthood. These teeth are known to cause problems for many people when they erupt, which is usually during the late teens or early twenties. There are some people who are fortunate enough not to have issues with their wisdom teeth. The majority of people experience varying degrees of discomfort.

Early detection of potential problems with these molars is the best way to lower the incidence of the pain associated with their eruption. Regular family dental treatments allow the dentist the opportunity to monitor the development of the teeth and remove them at the right time.

Extraction of wisdom teeth must be done carefully since the roots are generally located near the mandibular nerve. The dentists at Axiom Dentistry have the experience to use the required caution when extracting wisdom teeth.

Care of Extraction Site

Removal of wisdom teeth is considered minor surgery. Therefore, it is important to follow the directions you will be given for home care. You must make time to rest after the procedure, as this is an important piece of recovery. It is normal to experience continued bleeding at the extraction site, and you will have plenty of gauze to bite on. Change the gauze as needed. Resting with your head propped up will help stop the bleeding. Use ice packs to help with swelling and pain. You may also be given a prescription for pain medication. Before you leave the office, you will be given instructions detailing specifics for home care.

Contact Axiom Dentistry to get more information about wisdom teeth extraction. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and how to care for the extraction site once the teeth have been removed. We practice gentle and patient-centered care at Axiom Dentistry, so you can be assured that your extraction will be performed with the greatest of care and compassion. Contact us today to make your appointment for wisdom teeth extraction.

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