Tooth Extractions

Regular dental checkups, professional cleanings and good oral hygiene should keep your teeth in good shape and secure your oral health. However, for a variety of reasons, you could end up losing a tooth. Dental decay attacking the nerves of a tooth, a large break or a crack below the gum line are some of the reasons a tooth may need to be extracted. While this is not the ideal dental treatment, sometimes it is the only one.

At Axiom Dentistry, we understand the apprehension patients may feel when they are facing tooth extraction. We provide a soothing atmosphere to help you relax and feel calm. We also put your fears to rest as we walk you through the procedure, so you know what to expect. Tooth extraction does not have to be an ordeal, and we do our best to make it a painless procedure.

Damaged Tooth Removal

Sometimes a tooth may be damaged due to trauma or decay and need removal. A tooth that is badly decayed may not have enough tooth structure left to make root canal therapy a viable option. Removing the tooth may be necessary to keep infection from causing more problems. Such teeth are also prone to break at the gum line, leaving the tooth with no crown.

In many cases, a tooth that has been cracked can be saved. However, if the crack extends below the gum line, chances are the tooth will need to be removed. Cracks above the gum line are often repairable, but this is not the case with those that occur below it. Bacteria can get in these cracks and cause decay which will eventually lead to problems.

When you have a tooth that absolutely needs to come out, contact Axiom Dentistry to schedule an appointment. We will make sure that you are comfortable as we remove the tooth as gently as possible with care and compassion.

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