Implant Supported Dentures

Are you tired of your dentures slipping or dislodging at the most inappropriate times? Denture pastes and powders can be annoying and messy no matter how well they work. When you have long days, they may quit working just when you need them most. Some foods may be off your list due to the problems they cause because you are wearing dentures.

All of these issues and more can be eliminated with implant supported dentures. You can kiss the powders, pastes and the mess that goes with them goodbye. No more embarrassing clacking, and you can laugh with abandon without worrying about your dentures becoming dislodged. Implant supported dentures are a dental treatment that supply you with immovable dentures and the confidence to know that your teeth will not be going anywhere.

How It Works

Implant supported dentures require minor surgery to place the implants. Once the implants are securely attached to the bone, the denture is constructed to fit on the implants. There is a locking mechanism put in place which secures the denture to the implant. This mechanism keeps the denture in place and prevents it from shifting or becoming dislodged. This means you can eat, speak and laugh without fear of your dentures causing embarrassment.

Your implant supported denture is removable for daily oral hygiene purposes. As with regular dentures, implant supported dentures are removed when you sleep.

Implant supported dentures can make your life with dentures a lot easier and give you a lot more confidence in day to day living. The dentists at Axiom Dentistry are happy to consult with you about the requirements for implant supported dentures. Contact us today for a consultation and exam to find out if you are a good candidate. We will be happy to give you all the information you need and go over the procedure with you so you know what to expect.

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