Emergency Dentistry

When you have a dental emergency, you want immediate assistance and help that eases your discomfort. You need to quickly be on the path to oral health again. Even though many people go to the hospital emergency room with their dental emergencies, few ERs are equipped or staffed to effectively treat a dental emergency. Axiom Dentistry offers emergency dental care for those times when you need immediate assistance with a dental emergency.

In most instances at the hospital ER, you will be given pain medication and advised to seek dental care as soon as possible. You can skip the extra step, and make a call to Axiom Dentistry when you are in need of urgent dental care. Your situation will be assessed and handled appropriately with compassion and gentleness.

Urgent Dental Care

Not every dental office provides emergency dental care for patients. At Axiom Dentistry, you can trust us to be there if you or a loved one have a dental emergency and need urgent care. Sporting accidents, falls and neglected cavities can result in serious discomfort and situations that require immediate care. Call us to be seen as soon as possible. During your call, we can assess the urgency of your situation. We will advise you of immediate home care procedures, if any are needed, until you can be examined.

We also understand the type of emergency care that is critical, yet not traumatic, such as when a denture breaks or a crown becomes loose. When you have a situation that needs immediate assistance but does not necessarily involve physical discomfort, please give us a call.

When you or a loved one is experiencing a dental issue that requires prompt attention, Axiom Dentistry provides the needed care in a relaxing and calming environment. You will appreciate the difference our level of excellence makes when you are facing the anxiety of a dental emergency. Contact us right away if you need to be seen quickly.

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