Are you missing the perfect smile due to lack of teeth? Axiom Dentistry can restore those missing teeth with dentures. Removable dentures are an economical dental treatment to restore your smile and your ability to eat the foods you enjoy by replacing the teeth that are missing. The empty spaces left by missing teeth can cause a variety of issues that can impact your oral health. When you look in the mirror and feel bad because your smile is not what it could be, your self-esteem and self-confidence are impacted as well.

Dentures provide a solution to the problem of missing teeth. At Axiom Dentistry, we can provide you with full dentures if all of your teeth are missing or partial dentures if some of your teeth are missing. Dentures not only restore your smile, they can help you look younger and healthier.

Missing teeth remove the support that lips and cheeks need to look filled out. As a result, your face appears sunken, and you may look older than your years. In addition, you are missing a valuable chewing surface if back teeth are missing. This means you are unable to chew your food properly, so your body is not receiving all the nourishment it could be getting from the foods you eat. In fact, you may not be eating some nourishing foods due to the lack of chewing or biting surface. Research has shown that people who have no teeth are more vulnerable to chronic kidney problems. Dentures can help eliminate these issues.

When you are missing all the teeth on either your upper or lower arch, full dentures restore the missing teeth. When both arches are completely missing teeth, a complete set of dentures will provide you with a new smile and restored ability to eat well.

Partial Dentures

When you have some teeth, but a few are missing, partial dentures make up the difference. Partial dentures are also used when a bridge or dental implant is not an option. Natural looking replacement teeth are used in both full and partial dentures to give you a natural look.

If you are missing all or some of your teeth, make an appointment for a consultation and exam at Axiom Dentistry. We will create a treatment plan to get your smile glowing with a new set of dentures, so you can eat healthy and look amazing. Contact us for an appointment today.

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