Dental Bridges

Are you satisfied with your smile, or has its beauty been compromised due to missing teeth? Those large gaps between teeth can be closed with dental bridges, allowing your smile to be gorgeous once again. Not only do these “windows” mar your smile, they can also cause a host of problems that can impact your oral health.

Dental bridges consist of an artificial tooth or teeth suspended between the teeth on either side of the space. These teeth are called abutment teeth, and they are fitted with crowns to which the artificial teeth are attached. The artificial teeth, or pontics, are made to look like your natural teeth, filling in the space to give your lips and cheeks the support they need. In addition, this dental treatment provides the chewing or biting surface that was lost with the missing tooth or teeth.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge

When a tooth is missing, over time the neighboring teeth begin to shift out of alignment. They may begin to move into the space formerly occupied by the missing tooth, or they may tilt and lean into that space. As this happens, small gaps may appear between other teeth.

These little gaps can become food traps. Often, they are difficult to clean, particularly when they occur between back teeth. The areas you cannot easily clean lend themselves to dental decay as well as plaque buildup and eventual gingivitis.

In addition to the problem of the teeth shifting out of place, there is also your facial appearance to consider. Teeth provide structure and support for your face and lips. When teeth are missing, your face can look sunken, giving you a fatigued look and cause you to look older than your years. A dental bridge restores the structure needed to fill out those sunken areas and instantly causes you to look younger.

If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, contact Axiom Dentistry today to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to sit down with you and create a treatment plan that will have your smile beaming once again.

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