Chipped Tooth Repair

Your smile is a vital part of your overall appearance, and though a chipped tooth may seem a small matter, it might not be. It can cause physical discomfort and lead to an infected tooth. As a blemish, it can leave you dissatisfied with your smile. At Axiom Dentistry, we can repair your chipped tooth, making it whole and restoring your smile.

The ragged edges of a chipped tooth can be annoying and lead to a sore tongue. Depending on the depth of the chip, it can also leave your tooth more vulnerable to decay. Composite resins are used to re-form the part of the tooth that is missing. The natural tooth-colored material is bonded to the existing part of the tooth then smoothed and polished, resulting in a beautifully restored tooth. Your smile can be blemish free once again.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but there are circumstances under which the health of a tooth is compromised. Dental decay is not the only way a tooth’s structure can be harmed. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can cause teeth to crack or break as additional pressure is constantly applied. Trauma to the teeth by chewing on hard objects, or injury is another cause of broken or cracked teeth.

Damaged teeth can often be repaired by bonding or by adding composite resin to restore the tooth to wholeness again. Depending on the extent of the damage, a crown may be necessary to give the weakened tooth protection and stability. Occasionally, root canal therapy may be required to save the tooth if the damage extends into the pulp or nerve center of the tooth.

It is important to have the tooth examined as soon as possible when you suspect damage has occurred. Early diagnosis and treatment will prevent further damage from occurring, and it will give you the best chance of saving the tooth. Contact Axiom Dentistry if you have a cracked or broken tooth. Our doors are open for emergency dental care.

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