Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Knightdale, Zebulon, Cary, Clayton, Benson, NCDo you find your palms becoming sweaty and your stomach a bit queasy at the thought of a dental appointment?  Although dental anxiety is very common it is also easily managed.

Manypatients at Axiom Dentistry have found success with simple techniques that relax or distract the mind.  Using headphones during your visit often helps patients tune out sounds that trigger anxiety.  Many patients report watching television is a helpful distraction.  Other patients suggest using imagery as a way to calm anxious thoughts.  Imagining being at the beach or another happy place often helps relax the nervous patient.  In more severe cases, your dentist may suggest sedation dentistry.

With advancements in today’s dentistry the dental experience has become more tolerable for most high-fear patients with a focus on the patient’s comfort.  The dental professionals at Axiom Dentistry are trained to listen to your concerns and offer an array of treatment options that best suit your needs.  Remember you are not alone. Our highly trained and experienced staff will work hard to alleviate any feelings of apprehensionand create a positive experience that will last a lifetime.

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