Gargle Gargle, Swish Swish! Not Enough To Avoid Periodontal Disease

Cary NC DentistWhat’s your morning routine like? Does it involve getting up at the crack of dawn, making the coffee, applying the makeup, getting the kids’ lunches packed and pulling out of the garage before the sun rises? This sounds like the typical American routine, is it familiar to you? Sometimes busyness can inhibit our ability to execute some of the most important necessities of the day.

It’s vitally important to the health of your teeth that you brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss one time per day. If you routinely substitute one (or all) of your brushing sessions for a gargle and swish of mouthwash, you are raising the possibility of Periodontal Disease to form in your mouth. [Read more…]

Floss and Live Six Years Longer

Floss and Live Longer Knightdale, Zebulon, Cary, Clayton, Benson, NCFlossing should be an important part of your overall oral health routine.  Unfortunately, brushing alone does not clean in between your teeth.  Plaque is a soft white accumulation of microorganisims that builds up in between brushing each day.  Studies show plaque contains 400 or more different species of bacteria and billions of individual germs.

There are numerous reasons to floss daily.  When plaque is not removed, and it mixes with sugars in the food we eat, the bacteria that lives in plaque begins the process of tooth decay.  Plaque also accumulates around gums and between teeth causing gingivitis, the first stages of gum disease.  Metabolism of bacteria contained in plaque that is left behind after brushing can also be a leading cause of bad breath.

If these reasons are not enough to encourage you to floss daily then how about the fact that flossing could add as much as six years to your life?  Getting rid of bacteria in the mouth keeps your immune system in good shape.  The same bacteria in plaque that can lead to gum disease can also lead to inflammation of your arteries and cause heart disease.

If you are working to improve your overall health Axiom Dentistry recommends adding flossing to your daily routine and have another reason to smile!

Regular Dental Exams…Why?

Regular Dental Exams Knightdale, Zebulon, Cary, Clayton, Benson, NCRegular dental visits will help keep your teeth and gums healthy, which will help with your overall health.  Research has shown that there is a correlation between poor dental health and other serious health issues such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes and premature births in women.

During your regular dental exam, your dentist and hygienist will look closely for any signs of problems in your oral health.  Early detection of problems such as oral cancer, cavities, and gum disease can mean a better long term prognosis and the best way to maintain good oral health.

Most dentists recommend dental exams once every six months however your dentist may recommend more frequent dental care visits if you are a tobacco or alcohol user, diabetic, pregnant, or have gum disease.  The professionals at Axiom Dentistry will customize your dental visits to best suit your dental needs.

Contact your professionals at Axiom Dentistry today to schedule your next dental exam and protect your overall dental health.

My gums are bleeding…Why?

Bleeding Gums Knightdale, Zebulon, Cary, Clayton, Benson, NCAre you experiencing swollen, red, or bleeding gums? These symptoms may be the warning signs of periodontal disease which is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gum tissues that surround and support your teeth. The sticky film of bacteria called plaque that regularly forms on your teeth creates toxins and causes the gum tissues to become inflamed. This inflammation, over time, causes the tissues and bone that support the teeth to break down forming spaces between the teeth and gums called “pockets”.

Even in the more advanced stages, symptoms may be mild and therefore ignored. Left untreated, more advanced cases may lead to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and premature births in pregnant women.

You can prevent periodontal disease by brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily, eating a balanced diet, and having regular dental visits. The professionals at Axiom Dentistry evaluate your dental health at each visit and can determine if you have periodontal disease as well as develop a custom treatment plan to help restore your overall dental health.

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