Dental Implants For The Win!

Cary NC Restorative Dental TreatmentsDo you feel like you’re on the losing team when it comes to your smile? If you want to exchange your smile for a winning smile, why not consider dental implants. They are natural looking titanium tooth roots that are designed to support teeth in your bone. They are a great solution if you have missing teeth in your mouth, and the American Dental Association endorses them. [Read more…]

Shedding Flossing Bad Habits

Cary NC DentistOn a scale of one to ten, how are you dealing with the North Carolina summer temperatures? Some of you love the heat and you could live in this climate forever. The more heat, the merrier. Some of you probably are cranking down the air conditioner thermostat to get you through the month of August. No matter how you’re responding to the heat, we, at Axiom Dentistry, wish you a happy and healthy August.
[Read more…]

Happy Father’s Day From Axiom Dentistry – May We Suggest Getting Your Dad A Power Tool?

Cary NC Dentist OfficeHappy Father’s Day from Axiom Dentistry! We honor you this month by giving you a fist bump with our words! Can we offer you a “Tim The Tool man” Ar ar ar?” Remember him? Tim Allen used to play the role of a home improvement guy on a popular sitcom in the 90s. What did Tim love? He loved power tools! Power tools made him grunt, roar and make manly type sounds only understood by men! If you want to make your dad happy for Father’s Day, why not put a power tooth-cleaning tool in his hands? An electric toothbrush with its tiny motor just might be what he’s been wanting, and didn’t even know to ask for! [Read more…]

Taking The Nagging Out Of Getting Your Kids To Take Care Of Their Teeth

Cary NC Pediatric DentistSunday, May 14th is approaching quickly. Do you know what that day is? If you’re a busy mom juggling carpool, sports and changing diapers, you know that a day to celebrate YOU is quickly approaching. What is it that you want for Mother’s Day this year? A bouquet of flowers? A hand-written card by your little munchkins? How about a free massage? All of those ideas sound absolutely amazing, and we hope you get each of them. However, if you really think about it, what is it most moms really want? Most moms want a day free of fighting and nagging! Have you ever found yourself saying, “I just want peace and quiet in my family for one day?” [Read more…]

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