Proper dental care should be a regular part of any healthy lifestyle. Visiting your dental provider for regular checkups can prevent common oral health issues and reduce the need for costly dental procedures.

The American Dental Association recommends the following steps to maintain good oral health and a healthy lifestyle:

  • Brush your teeth two times per day with an ADA approved fluoride toothpaste
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months
  • Use floss or an interdental cleaner to clean between teeth daily
  • Eat a balanced diet and avoid soft drinks
  • Visit a dental professional regularly for cleanings and oral exams

Poor oral health and untreated dental disease has been linked to increased risks of infections, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and premature births. The dental professionals at Axiom Dentistry of Benson are committed to providing preventative services that focus on improving both your dental and overall health.

Axiom Dentistry of Benson offers a variety of preventative dental services including:

Oral Examinations

Regular dental examinations are designed to detect oral health problems in their early stages minimizing the need for major dental procedures such as root canals, periodontal treatments, and tooth replacement. Oral examinations include a visual inspection as well as a complete review of necessary x-rays. Your dental provider will document the health of your gums, any discolored or soft areas, and any other unusual or concerning areas including tumors and cysts. Once a customized treatment plan has been created, your dentist will discuss your goals and expectations and any recommendations to restore optimum dental health.


Our goal as dental providers is to educate our patients about the importance of proper dental care. During your checkup visits you will learn about proper brushing and flossing techniques as well as the latest dental technology in home care.


The best weapon to fight gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontal disease is regular professional dental cleanings. Our skilled hygienists use specialized instruments to professionally remove plaque and build up as well as everyday stains. Regular twice a year dental cleanings will help you keep your confident smile bright and white throughout the entire year.

Early intervention through regular preventative dental services is the best approach to maintaining good dental health, avoiding costly dental treatments, and keeping your beautiful smile in top notch condition. Contact Axiom Dentistry of Benson to schedule your families next dental evaluation.

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